About Lagom Studio

Lagom Studio was established in Australia in 2015 as an online store providing a carefully curated selection of fashion designers and pieces that blend contemporary design with ethical production. Lagom Studio seeks to support the movement towards an improved fashion industry by selectively stocking labels that adhere to ethical manufacturing and environmentally sustainable methods. This is achieved using ethically sourced, high quality materials while producing beautiful, aesthetic driven design. Lagom Studio believes the pursuit of an improved fashion system can be achieved without sacrificing the virtuosity of design. Lagom Studio thereby commits to style aesthetics that reinvigorate classic minimalism, through incorporating an innovative approach to garment structure and shape.

At Lagom Studio, we believe that all brands have the capacity to make changes for the better. We are passionate about working with designers and artisans who resist the pressures of the existing 'fast fashion' industry. We intend to promote a new normalcy within the fashion industry, through a return to quality over quantity. Our vision is to provide a platform that allows women to express their individuality with a clear conscience. Lagom Studio recognises that people are increasingly demanding transparency on how their clothing is produced. This concern for our customers is concomitant with our desire to inspire emerging, existing designers in championing the improvement of these conditions across the entire production line. In this way, Lagom Studio intends to become a conduit for those designers creating unique pieces made with kindness.

"Lagom" is a Swedish word that loosely translates to mean achieving balance by having 'just enough'. The value of 'lagom' can be compared to the idiom 'less is more'. As a concept, it is popularly viewed as a sustainable alternative to the hoarding extremes of consumerism. In short, Lagom is said to describe a psyche of consensus and equality, and in many ways, a concept of 'perfect-simple' that we feel underpins each of our brands, and Lagom Studio in and of itself.